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Symposium 10 – HIV and Lung Diseases

Jun 22 2017
14:00 - 15:30
Weston Hotel

Symposium 10 – HIV and Lung Diseases

Speaker 1: Introduction (5 mins): HIV as a chronic disease; Is this the end of AIDS? – Dr. Joseph Aluoch

Speaker 2: New Insights into HIV and lung disease in the ART era – Dr. Muhindi Wanjugu

Speaker 3: The challenges of scaling IPT in HIV infected individuals – Dr. Chakaya Muhwa

Speaker 4: Challenges of diagnosing TB in the HIV positive children – Prof. Elizabeth Obimbo

Speaker 5: Chest Imaging in the HIV infected in the 21st century – Dr. Anangwe


Chair: Dr. Joseph Aluoch /Dr. S Gathua

Rapporteur: Dr Elizabeth Onyango