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Symposium 8 – Adult Asthma

Jun 22 2017
08:00 - 10:00
Weston Hotel

Symposium 8 – Adult Asthma

Speaker 1: Asthma prevalence, incidence and social determinants; Is the burden of asthma increasing in Kenya – Dr Jeremiah Chakaya

Speaker 2: Choices in Asthma Care – Prof. Tim Harrison

Speaker 3: Diagnosis of Asthma; Is it worthwhile distinguishing allergic from Non- allergic asthma – Dr Muhindi Wanjugu

Speaker 4: Oral Abstract: Asthma phenotypes at KNH – Dr Becky Karanja


Chair: Dr. Eric Mugambi

Rapporteur: Dr Evelyn Kimani – CTLC Kiambu